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Opticlimate Occasion Factory Refurbished

Opticlimates which have returned to the factory with minor faults.
Will be repaired / Refurbished to factory standard with 6 months warranty.
What is Refurbished?


Refurbished means 'Refurbished' in English. A well-known term in the IT and computer world that has been used for some time for products that are checked after use, repaired if necessary and offered again for reuse.

Nowadays people use much more electronics such as air conditioning, Opticlimate and other heat pump systems. In addition to normal physical stores, there are also online stores these days. Both have to contend with more returns and residual stocks compared to the past. As a result, there are more and more companies that specialize in reversed logistics, in simple terms the retrieval of goods that can no longer be sold (as new).

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