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OptiClimate "water-cooled climate system without outdoor unit"



The water-cooled OptiClimate cools the air using water as a cooling medium and warms it up using ceramic heating elements. The OptiClimate has a water inlet and outlet. The inlet is connected to the water supply. The cold water is used to cool the air, causing the water temperature to rise from 35°C to 50°C. This hot water is then channelled via the water outlet or recycled. This is ideal for cooling objects near water sources such as canal houses, houseboats, yachts, swimming pools or greenhouses. The water-cooled OptiClimate is also perfect for historic buildings where no external unit may be installed. If your house has a swimming pool, you can use a water-cooled OptiClimate to cool your house and heat up the pool.


  • Unique air dehumidification function (with the PRO4, even if the air conditioning does not cool!)
  • The Pre-Heat function ensures a pre-heated room during the transition from night to day
  • The Slow Cooldown function ensures that the temperature does not drop too quickly from day to night
  • The Cool at night function ensures that even during the night, the room can be cooled (for example, during the summer or in the case of a warm climate)
  • With the Alarm log function, it is always possible to see what alarm has taken place. This function can prevent future problems
  • With an external module and the internet, the device can be operated and alarmed remotely, in any place and at any time
  • The Dual Room function allows two rooms to be cooled with one OptiClimate (With optional three-way valve and an additional temperature sensor. Option only available for the PRO3 models)
  • The water-cooled OptiClimate has a bypass for using tap water or other water source