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Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3 Inverter

The OptiClimate is a climate system developed entirely in-house. This has resulted in a fully optimized and efficient product, with which the climate can be controlled to perfection with the lowest possible energy consumption. The OptiClimate is the only real total solution for controlling your indoor climate and has the unique feature that it can cooling or heating, dehumidifying, filtering and circulating air. You are no longer dependent on the outside temperature and experience the perfect climate in summer and winter. Even with a heat wave, the ideal temperatures are reached. The OptiClimate creates an optimal air distribution in the room, resulting in an even temperature. Temperatures can be set to your ideals and maintained continuously.


Moisture is ubiquitous in the air and can adversely affect your living conditions and productivity. Moisture can be very harmful and cause mold, rot, rust and a musty smell. In addition, too much moisture promotes dust mites and allergies. Controlling the humidity is therefore essential for an optimal room climate. With the OptiClimate you create the ideal humidity under the most extreme conditions.

The dehumidification functions of water-cooled air conditioning systems on the market are refrigeration-based. During cooling, the air is dehumidified, which is a natural phenomenon. If there is little heat in the air, the required temperature is quickly reached and the air conditioning stops cooling and dehumidifying. This keeps the humidity high. Compared to the competition, the OptiClimate has the unique advantage that dehumidification continues to take place, even when the desired temperature has been reached.

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